Bonus : The Tish – In the Pyramid of Venwoude

What is a Tish?

Within Hasidic Judaism, a tish (Yiddish: טיש‎, pl. טישן, tishn, literally, “table”), also spelled tisch, refers to a joyous public celebration, gathering, or meal by Hasidim at a “table” of their Rebbe. It may consist of speeches on Torah subjects—or what we have called Dharma—and chanting. Hasidim see it as a moment of great holiness. A tish is a public event that is open to non-Hasidim as well.

Our tish happened in the beautiful pyramid of Venwoude and was of course dedicated to a translineage World Spirituality based on Integral Principles as well as an open space in which every question was welcome and there were no words that cannot be spoken. Enjoy!


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