Lesson 4 : Every Crisis Is a Lack of Imagination

“The greatest slave-driver in the world is the belief that your yesterday determines your today! To shatter that tyranny is to begin to re-imagine your life.” Marc Gafni

We’ve lost our ability to access fantasy and imagination in a powerful way because we’ve exiled it, along with Eros, to the sexual. The result is that we get bored, we get lazy, we carry shame about it and it keeps us small.

If we are unable to re-imagine our lives differently, we won’t be able to engage in creating a new reality of Outrageous Love in the world. We’ve got to get our creative imagination back — and the way to find it is through the sexual.

When you are able to awaken your sexual energy as a sacred intimacy, it becomes the most sacred work in the world. When you awaken to its power, you actually re-awaken the Divine Force that Erotically engages reality and changes and shifts the course of destiny itself.

In lesson 4, you will:

  • Discover how the sexual is a place of learning and holds the wisdom of everything that you could possibly want to know
  • Learn how to access the power of imagination and re-imagine your life in order to awaken as an Evolutionary Unique Self
  • Discover that your imagination is a figment of God and that God is a figment of your imagination – because imagination is a figment of Spirit
  • Engage in Eros in a way that gives you the ability to fantasize and imagine a completely different reality for you and the world
  • Evolve imagination into a faculty that actually transforms reality
  • Cultivate the ability to awaken to the fullness of your sexuality and become an Outrageous Lover in a billion different ways

Transcript Lesson 4

Transcript Lesson 4

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