Our First Steps as "Homo Amor"

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Our First Steps as “Homo Amor” Birthing the New Human and the New Humanity

A 7-Week Online Video Course with Dr. Marc Gafni*/**

  Price: $297  or 3 installment of $117 [Buy Now]   When looking at the state of the world today, you feel a sense of urgency. You know there is something for you to do, and yet, you often feel powerless in the face of our global problems. You cannot quite figure out what is yours to do. So, you often remain in your comfort zone.   Or you exhaust yourself by trying to save the planet. You feel as if the weight of the planet rests on your shoulders.    You realize that doing business as usual cannot be the solution to these problems while all of the current answers don’t fully cut it either. Neither science, nor the New Age, nor the great traditions - neither capitalism, nor communism, nor any of the other political systems - are fully equipped to respond adequately to the current crisis.   You want to play a larger game! You feel like being a Homo sapiens doesn’t exhaust your identity.   You feel called to your own self-evolution as if the Universe is intimately addressing you.    You have an intuition that your evolution at the leading edge is not merely for yourself but that it can act as a strange attractor, a “memory of the future,” a minor fluctuation point that can jump the entire system to an entirely new level of elegant and intimate order.   If any of this resonates with your deepest heart, mind, and body, then Welcome!   You are at the right place. We prepared this course for YOU!    We are at a pivotal moment in the 11th hour poised between dystopia and utopia - between heaven and hell. We are at a tipping point where our next step can either usher in a new age of heaven on earth or of hell break loose.    We are faced with global problems that require concerted global action. But we suffer a global action paralysis. The global action paralysis is rooted not in political struggle but in something far more fundamental - a global intimacy disorder. Therefore, in order to move towards collective mutual action that can take us to the next level we need to heal the global intimacy disorder that is at the root of our crisis.     That is the purpose of this offering. But this will not be merely meta theory. Rather we know the memory of the future begins with you.    This course is about YOUR transfiguration into Homo Amor, the new human, harbinger of the new humanity.    In this program, Dr. Marc Gafni will take you deep into a new vision of intimacy. You will begin to birth the new human in your own being. This is an invitation for you personally and through you for humanity to take its first steps as “Homo Amor.”   Welcome to this extraordinary journey that will show you the way to transform your own life.    In this transformation you literally participate in the evolution of intimacy which is itself an expression of the evolution of love.   We are in a crisis of intimacy.    We live in a global context with global problems, yet, we have lost our sense of belongingness. As isolated separate selves, we feel powerless in the face of these global problems.    We lack a universe story and a sense of identity that unites us and enables us to collectively address and solve these global issues. In our current crisis, we are either left with all the disconnected pre-modern and modern narratives, with no story at all, or with dystopian narratives à la Hunger Games, Blade Runner, or Yuval Harari’s Homo Deus.   We desperately need a new story: a new vision of intimacy, power, sexuality, and identity. We need a “memory of the future” of the emergence of what Dr. Marc has termed “Homo Amor.”    In this course, Marc Gafni takes us on a tour from pre-modernity through modernity to the crisis of postmodernity and beyond. You will discover what it means that “we live in an intimate universe and that the intimate universe awakens in us.”    If you take this course now, you’ll be practicing over the next 7 weeks how to participate through your own transformation in the evolution of intimacy which is itself an expression of the evolution of love.   The “Homo Amor” course will give you direct access to some of the most significant teachings and tools available today. These tools will activate your capacity to bloom while awakening to the new species that we call Homo Amor. You will begin to awaken as the “unique configuration of intimacy” that is you, to learn a new way of being intimate with your beloveds and with the world!   Together we will evolve what it means to be a human being today.    You will start to live a life that matters on an entirely different level, not just for yourself but for the sake of the greater reality that yearns for and desperately needs your unique gifts. You are becoming the heroic figure that reality intended you to be. You are beginning to access in your body the meaning of the mystical epigram:    Reality Needs Your Service.   Throughout the course, you begin to understand that being a Homo Sapiens does not exhaust your identity! You Are Evolution. Evolution is waking up as you in person.    Homo Amor is being born in you. You are taking your first baby steps as Homo Amor.    Our crisis is a birth – both on a collective, global level but also in our own personal lives.    Equipped with that understanding you will go through a False Core Process, uncover your True Self, and get a first glimpse of our Unique Self (our personal expression of True Self).    We discover expressions of True Self & Unique Self in our present culture expressed in movies and songs and ask the question of all questions:    Who am I?   

From Joining Genes to Joining Genius - From #MeToo to #WeToo

Throughout the course, you will get a sense of the dance of intimacy, Eros, and desire in our current crisis of touch and desire that’s expressed in the #MeToo movement and how it relates to the lack of a sexual narrative.   Sexuality reveals itself (again) as our teacher for living the erotic life. In sexuality, we get that “Your need is my allurement.” We then up-level that realization – bringing it up with us from egocentric, ethno-centric, world-centric, to cosmo-centric intimacy.   We reclaim touch as a basic need and begin to heal the shame and humiliation of not getting your basic needs met.   We see again that crisis is an evolutionary driver, when we move from our current gender crisis to the emergence of “unique gender” and what has been termed the “intersex brain” – which is the exterior expression of what Dr. Marc has termed unique gender.   As Homo Amor, which is an expression of unique gender, we begin to move from joining genes to joining genius and from #MeToo to #WeToo.   In a very touching session, we invite God to the party and understand that the God you don’t believe in doesn’t exist.    God is not only the Infinity of Power but also the Infinity of Intimacy that knows our name and says to each of us personally: Your need is My Allurement!   We move from joining genes to joining genius and start to create what Marc Gafni calls a Unique Self (Jazz) Symphony. A new evolutionary we-space emerges. A new we-space equals a new quality of intimacy which equals a new God. We are reclaiming God at a higher level of consciousness.   In order to fully participate in the Unique Self Symphony, we each need to take our Unique Risk. You will witness others sharing their Unique Risk and fully claim your own.    You clarify your deepest heart’s desire, start to take courageous steps into your own personal and collective future, and wholeheartedly participate in the Conscious Evolution of Planet Earth.

Our First Steps as “Homo Amor” in Seven Levels

  Level 1: The Intimate Universe Awakens & Between Heaven and Hell Level 2: The Dance of Intimacy and Desire & How Do We Know What We Know Level 3: From False Self to True Self & Our Crisis Is a Birth Level 4: Who Am I? & Infinity Loves Finitude Level 5: Healing Shame & Your Need Is My Allurement Level 6: Unique Gender & God = The Infinity of Intimacy Level 7: Evolutionary We-Space & Taking My Unique Risk   Price: $297 (or 3 installment of $117)   [Enroll Now]   Each level consists of the main teaching by Dr. Marc Gafni that was recorded on one of seven days during the Summer Festival of Love in Holland 2018. It contains dharma talks, practices, prayers, chants, and dance sessions – seamlessly woven into one whole. You can follow the thread of these teachings as if you were a participant in the room.   At the end of each daily teaching session, Dr. Marc came together with the film crew and recorded what we call Deeper Dives. The deeper dive video clips recapitulate the teaching of that level – but in super precise form – while often adding new material.    At the Festival aka Mystery School of Love, each level was taught in one day – surrounded by workshops, practice sessions, and time for integration. The online course can be taken in your own time, yet, we advise you to take one week per level in order to stay in the flow of the course.   Each level also comes with a transcript in pdf-format for you to download, so you can read along if you find that helpful, or go back to certain pieces.   We have also added a practice per level that can be done from your own home with just a piece of paper, notebook, or journal in front of you. Most of the times, these practices are included as special slides in the video clips, but we also offer them as pdf’s to download.   Price: $297 (or 3 installment of $117)   [Enroll Now]  

Also Receive These Exclusive Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Get Access to The 11th Hour Sessions with Barbara Marx Hubbard & Dr. Marc Gafni

Four weeks and twelve critical conversations about the most pressing issues of our time and what we must do now if we want to change the trajectory of humanity and the future of our planet.   Take a journey of human evolution to guide you to your own unique story of outrageous love.

Together, we'll explore…

  • How to accept the invitation to chart a new future.
  • How to engage the attractive forces of Clarified Desire and Allurement to guide your life.
  • What OUTRAGEOUS LOVE means,  How it responds to OUTRAGEOUS PAIN and a new narrative of intimacy.
  • Identifying and Playing your Instrument in the symphony of life.
  • The problem with the quest for purpose in life.
  • Articulating a new vision of community equal to our potential as a species.
  Value: $97

Bonus #2: The eBook The Universe: A Love Story: The Next Step in Conscious Evolution 

Description   Value: $???  

Bonus #3: The eBook The Intimate Universe: Global Intimacy Disorder as Cause for Global Action Paralysis 

Description    Value: $???   Price Total: $297 (or 3 installment of $117) - including the bonuses [Enroll Now] *An online course produced by Eric Creemers (Camera, Editing) and Kerstin Zohar Tuschik (Executive Producer). The course was recorded live at the Summer Festival of Love 2018 in Holland.   **The painting used for the course graphics of the online course Our First Steps as “Homo Amor” is Soul Tangle by Erica Wexler.