Lesson 5: The Sexual Models Radical Giving

“At the moment of orgasm, the Truth is illumined. The body becomes quivering. No inside, no outside. The mind releases itself into divine energy. And the body knows where it came from. This is reality.”Marc Gafni

Having the willingness to engage in constant and spontaneous acts of giving for the sake of another person’s pleasure, joy and evolution is Love. Sex is a great teacher of Love and can show you what it means to be a giver in every dimension of life. It holds the understanding that the hero of culture is the radical giver — the Evolutionary Lover.

Love and erotic engagement in the world as a lover are modelled by the sexual. In the sexual arena, to be a great lover is to be a great giver. You need to engage erotically in your relationships and in the world through steady spontaneous acts of Love all the time.

In lesson 5 you will:

  • Explore sexual ethics and what it means to be engaged erotically in your relationships and in the world
  • Learn what it means to be an EVOLUTIONARY LOVER and build the evolutionary intimacy needed to Love your way to enlightenment
  • Discover why every ethical principle you ever want to know is in the sexual itself
  • Practice re-imagining your reality and access the quality of fantasy in your sexuality to experience radical sustained acts of giving
  • Explore the fifth quality of the erotic, the Shekinah — the Goddess, the Divine Feminine — and how she opens you up to your radical giving

Core Material – Mandatory






Transcript Lesson 5

Transcript Lesson 5

Practice 5.1 – Chant

Practice 5.1 - Chant

Practice 5.2 – Writing Outrageous Love Letters 3

Practice 5.2 - Writing Outrageous Love Letters 3

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