Lesson 8: The Holy Trinity

“Every breakdown in ethics comes from a failure of Eros.”Marc Gafni

Eros equals Love. The only way to transform reality and re-create a society in which every human being is honored, received and loved is to realize that every breakdown in ethics cannot be solved by solely following the rules “more closely” — that’s never going to be enough.

You actually have to re-engage Eros and live erotically in every area of your life. One of the ways to practice is through the sexual. Eros models the sexual — therefore sex IS ethics! When you engage in sexing at the highest level, heaven opens up to you.

In lesson 8, you will:

  • Discover how the sexual models Eros and is the access point for transformation
  • Explore the three stages of relationship — submission, separation and sweetness — to help resolve power struggles inside of your relationships
  • Learn how sexual theater can help you play out a real fight between you and your partner and find sweetness in the healing afterward
  • Explore level 1: Falling in Love to Level 1 Falling out of Love to Level 2: Submission and how surrender to “what is”
  • Explore level 2: HAVDALAH the stage in which you are in relationship with someone but there is a sense of separation and why this happens
  • Learn how to reclaim erotic passion within your relationship through level 3: HAMTAKA, radical sweetness






Transcript Lesson 8

Transcript Lesson 8

Practice 8.1 – Surrender

Practice 8.1 - Surrender

Practice 8.2 – Writing Outrageous Love Letters 5

Practice 8.2 - Writing Outrageous Love Letters 5

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