Our First Steps as “Homo Amor”

Our First Steps as "Homo Amor" with Dr. Marc Gafni

The Evolution of Love with Dr. Marc Gafni

Activating Evolutionary Relationships & Unique Gender.

Wake Up – Grow Up – Show Up with Dr. Marc Gafni

Life is for pleasure. The highest pleasure is to grow. Up-Level Your Consciousness!

Reclaiming Eros with Marc Gafni

Discover the Radical Experience of Being Fully Alive.

Loving Your Way to Enlightenment with Marc Gafni

Live an Epic Life of Passion and Purpose & Become a Force of Healing and Transformation in the World.

God Is Eros: Seven Tastes of Sexing with Marc Gafni

Revolutionize Your Sexuality & Transform Pain and Suffering Into Action Taking Super Powers.

Pleasure Map with Marc Gafni & Adam Gilad

A complete map to re-chart your life from pleasure, so that you can offer your unique gifts more completely

Awakening Your Unique Self with Marc Gafni

Awaken and Activate the Full potential of Your Life’s Purpose in just 10 weeks!